Stay My Baby
Stay My Baby


August 4, 2008




Teen pop, power pop


Nickelodeon, Columbia


Max Martin, Tommy Tysper and Savan Kotecha


ICarly (soundtrack), About You Now EP

Stay My Baby is a song by Miranda Cosgrove, originally sung by Amy Diamond A music video was also filmed and was directed by Jesse Dylan. The single failed to reach charts.


Cosgrove's musical career first began with her recording the theme song of the Nickelodeon television series iCarly called "Leave It All To Me," on which Cosgrove stars as the title character on the show. The song features her former Drake and Josh cast mate Drake Bell, and was written by Michael Corcoran, one of Bell's band members. Following the success of iCarly, Columbia Records released a soundtrack album of the show on June 10, 2008. The soundtrack album included "Leave It All To Me", "Stay My Baby", "About You Now" and "Headphones On".

Critical reception

The Teen Scoop said "Stay My Baby" is the best song on the iCarly soundtrack. Pop Nation said Miranda Cosgrove was fun and was an attractive singer in the same way he called like the protagonist in iCarly, stating that the song is amazing.

Music video

The music video, directed by Jesse Dylan. premiered on Nickelodeon. The music video features Nolan Gerard Funk. In the video, Cosgrove and her love interest write a song together, calls her band, and her friends and perform the song. At the end, Miranda walks off with her love interest.

Official Single Versions

The original version was included in the iCarly soundtrack, About You Now (EP)

  • Stay My Baby - 3:05