Paige Howard
Miranda as Paige







Portrayed by

Miranda Cosgrove

First Appearance

Paige at PCA

Last Appearance

Paige at PCA

Paige Howard is a character featured in Zoey 101.

Paige is a 13 year old genius. She specializes in sciences. She is so brilliant that Quinn Pensky regards her as a dangerous rival. Paige is seen in Paige at PCA when she comes to PCA to fit her own patent generator. Just after she starts the generator, the generator malfunctions, and she has to ask Quinn for help to solve the problem. The two work together, and in the end, Paige, Quinn, and Zoey all get smoothies.

Paige is portrayed by Miranda Cosgrove.


  • Even though Zoey watches iCarly (seen in certain episodes), no one seems to confuse her for Carly Shay.

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