Megan Parker
Megan Parker from Drake and Josh


Megan Jessica Parker



Portrayed by

Miranda Cosgrove

Megan Jessica Parker (born October 14, 1995) is the dubious little sister of Drake Parker and Josh Nichols and is the main antagonist of Drake and Josh. The brothers always know what she's up to, but sometimes they realize it too late. The fact that she is quite young for someone of her level of cunning intelligence makes it nearly impossible for Drake and Josh to convince anyone about her pranks, which is a major running gag in the series.

Megan has stuck her brothers to chairs, pushed Drake out a window, sprayed the boys with Water guns, tricked them unto using an illegal pepper, spray painted Drake's hands green, got Josh fired, locked Josh in a tent and oh so much more.

Megan is portrayed by Miranda Cosgrove.


Megan is an evil, sassy, mischievous and fraudulent younger sister who seems normal but messes with Drake and Josh as much as possible She also taunts them with insulting names (such as boobs to irritate them) or forces them to do disgusting stuff; she once convinced Drake that he has a disease which can be cured only by lizard urine. But to the parents, Megan is a little sweetheart for the first few seasons.


  • She also had a pet sheep, Baaahhb, in "Sheep Thrills".
  • She appears to have a large array of high-tech gadgets.
  • In Honor Council, Megan reveals that she has her own website,, which will redirect you to
  • Megan appears in every episode in all the seasons.

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